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MPWRPeople Announces the Appointment of Three New Board Members

Image of Tiffany Joy Greene, M.B.A (aka Manic Maple)
Tiffany Joy Greene, M.B.A (aka Manic Maple)

New board members bring expertise and passion for educating and connecting micro and small businesses, nonprofits, and leaders to empower the people they serve.

Chesterfield, VA – April 25, 2023 — MPWRPeople announced earlier this month the appointment of three new board members to the board of directors. This brings the number of board members to five.

Each new board member brings special expertise to the board. As President of the Board, Jeff Wilmoth, a business process analyst with McKesson, brings over thirty years of proven service operations and client relations skills to MPWRPeople. Wilmoth said he joined the MPWRPeople Board because “There are leaders out there destined to change lives. My goal is to find those individuals and provide them the necessary resources and head start, so they can pay it forward to future leaders!”

As Secretary of the Board, Dr. Michelle Montague-Mfuni, assistant professor of management at the University of Richmond, brings strategy and management consulting experience and international business and entrepreneurship experience and studies, especially in the African context. Montague-Mfuni says, “I was first connected to Tiffany’s positive energy. Then, when she started talking about helping purpose-driven organizations and underserved communities, I knew I wanted to be about MPWRPeople! I love helping others and sharing some of the skills that I’ve been blessed and privileged to learn. Additionally, I love learning from others. MPWRPeople is about learning, growing, and being responsible businesspeople, and I am drawn to that vision. Finally, one of the most important facets of a Board member is to provide strategic guidance to the company’s executive team. I study and teach strategy at the University of Richmond, and I am a former Senior Manager. Therefore, joining MPWRPeople’s Board seems like a natural fit.”

As Treasurer of the board, Billy Johnston, Vice President of Village Bank, brings decades of financial experience to the board, as he holds experience as a CPA, controller, CFO, and president of a printing company. Johnston says, “I am extremely happy to be considered and to be able to join a Board that meets my goals of giving back to businesses and people who want to better themselves. I am ecstatic to use my background and my experience to help others grow, learn, and pursue their dreams. I really enjoy seeing others do better, and if I’m able to be a part of that, that is just a bonus. I’m really excited about this Board and our journey ahead. I can’t wait to get started!”

Joe Romello and Tiffany Joy Greene, MBA will continue to serve on the board in their new roles. Joe Romello, a transformation business expert, CxO (including companies such as Michaels Craft Stores and Harbor Freight tools), advisor, and consultant, will serve as Honorary Advisor of Directors Emeritus. Tiffany Joy Greene, MBA , founder and executive director of MPWRPeople, will continue to serve on the board as Ex Officio.

 “I met Manic Maple (Tiffany Joy Greene’s nickname), now over 1 year ago. She stood out because she was not sitting back and relaxing on an Adirondack chair. I could see she was a doer who does not operate out of sheer ego. She was bright, intelligent, and could carry on a conversation. She had me at “eh”! I support her vision of helping and having a why beyond just dollars. So, if she started the Antarctic Seals for the future group, I would probably follow her there,” says Joe Romello.

Jeff Wilmoth, MPWRPeople Board of Directors President
Dr. Michelle Montague-Mfuni, MPWRPeople Board of Directors Secretary
Billy Johnston, MPWRPeople Board of Directors Treasurer


 About MPWRPeople

 MPWRPeople is a newly formed nonprofit organization in Chesterfield, Virginia, that partners with sponsors, donors, volunteers, and community partners to educate and connect leaders to empower the people, organizations, and communities they serve. MPWRPeople envisions a future where all leaders have access to inclusive education, connection, and advisory support, and where nonprofit and for-profit leaders connect to empower the people, they serve. Members of MPWRPeople are leaders of nonprofit organizations and micro and small businesses, as well as leaders within larger organizations and communities. MPWRPeople offers members new courses each month, open office hours with advisors, events, and special programs that include education, peer group coaching, and peer group advising. To learn more about MPWRPeople or to sponsor, donate, volunteer, or partner email Tiffany Joy Greene, MBA, at or call 804-878-2055 or visit, follow MPWRPeople on LinkedIn or like MPWRPeople on Facebook Get Your FREE Business Review

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