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Driving Revenue for Small and Mid-Sized Organizations

Image of Tiffany Joy Greene, M.B.A (aka Manic Maple)
Tiffany Joy Greene, M.B.A (aka Manic Maple)

Many business owners and executives have spent countless hours of time agonizing over how to take their organization to the next level. Revenue stalls or perhaps it has begun to decline. Leaders often get trapped in the rabbit hole with the notion that if they just “increase leads”, “attend more networking events”, “get a better sales team”, etc. that their problem will be fixed. However, driving revenue is a team effort.

Increasing revenue is a team effort

Driving revenue is like a symphony. The conductor is the Strategic Growth Plan. The sheet music serves a specific action plan for each musician in the orchestra. When everyone plays their music passionately under the right direction, the music swells and overtakes the audience. Much like increasing revenue.

Understanding that driving revenue takes a team approach is the first step to drive revenue. An organization’s growth strategy, sales plan, and team players must be aligned. To help small and mid-sized organizations get aligned to drive revenue, MPWRSource has partnered with Growing Perspectives Career Consulting LLC and James River Sales Advisors to create the RevUP Workshop.

Learn More About the RevUp Workshop


The RevUP Workshop was designed to work one-on-one with organizations to:

  • Review the organization’s current growth plan
  • Provide guidance on establishing a growth strategy
  • Assist in developing a value proposition and elevator pitch
  • Review the organization’s sales plan and assist with developing the sales activity goals that the sales and marketing team should be managed to
  • Review current sales and marketing team and advise on how to best coach each individual to maximize their fullest potential

Importance of Sales and Marketing Alignment

Do you know these statistics?

According to Act-On, sales and marketing alignment stats prove beneficial.

  • Sales closing statistics show alignment helps organizations to be 67% more effective at closing deals.
  • 56% of companies with their sales and marketing aligned meet their revenue goals. An additional 19% manage to beat their targets.
  • Alignment causes 36% higher customer retention.
  • Alignment saves 30% on customer acquisition cost, and customers have a 20% higher lifetime value (LTV).
  • When sales and marketing work together, businesses see a 27% faster profit growth.Get Your FREE Business Review! 

Both marketing and sales work for the same boss: the customer. Both parties work to explore and understand customer needs. Marketing focuses on pre-sales activities, whereas sales focus on business relationships with customers. The analogy I like to use comes from one of my favorite movies, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. The mom, Maria, says to her daughter Toula, “Let me tell you something, Toula. The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head any way she wants.” In this analogy, sales is the head, but growth strategy is the neck.

Growth strategy is the neck because through market research, analysis, product, price, promotion, brand management, campaign management, and storytelling, they find demand in the marketplace and try to meet it. A growth strategy is the map to sales. A growth strategy makes it easier for sales to fish. Rather than sales having to fish in the open ocean without radar, a growth strategy attempts to makes it easier for sales to fish in a fully stocked pond.

With properly communicating the overall growth strategy and disseminating action plans to each member of the team, the next step is to individually coach each member of the team. Everyone has specific talents and challenges. Back to the orchestra analogy (If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am a violinist.). In orchestra in school, you would have orchestra sessions where you would practice collectively, but the teacher would also offer one-on-one sessions with each member of the orchestra. The reason for this was to help the individual grow as a musician not only for themselves but also for the orchestra collectively. The same should be done in business.

Kaisha Davis, owner of Growing Perspectives Career Consulting LLC said, “Organizational alignment and team engagement are key areas for continued success. Ensuring teams have the culture and skills to succeed are essential for continued success and motivation. Maximizing the strengths of your team is an ingredient for sustainable success. I am excited to join RevUP to support individual and organizational success and further promoting a culture and processes to support alignment and engagement.

If you are a small or mid-sized organization who would like a holistic workshop to increase your revenue, please contact us.Learn More About the RevUp Workshop

The RevUP Workshop Steps:

  1. We provide a free one-hour consultation to help assess your current pain point and obstacles to drive revenue goals.
  2. If you decide to move forward, we send you a questionnaire, contract, and invoice to be completed within two weeks.
  3. We will schedule our 3-hour workshop with you within one week of receiving the completed questionnaire, signed contract, and paid invoice.
  4. The 3-hour workshop will be broken into three one-hour workshops:
    1. Strategic Growth
    2. Sales Activities
    3. Coach to Success
  5. Within one week of completion of the Rev Up Workshop, we will send you a survey to complete, and we will schedule a 30-minute session with you to answer your questions.


As Glen Kurtz, President of James River Sales Advisors said, “Many small and medium sized businesses struggle to build a path to growing, profitable and sustainable revenue. The right marketing strategy, sales structure and people culture are essential elements to this goal. The RevUP program provides you with the rare opportunity to have the expertise from experts in each discipline “in the room” to help you build a comprehensive strategy.”

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