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Your People: Behind the Mask of Your Greatest Heroes

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EJ Phillips

The MPWRSource methodology always begins with strategy, but it doesn’t end there. After all, a strategic plan that is never put into play is just a pretty stack of paper.  And superheroes don’t have time for that. After developing your strategy, you’ve developed your action plan. And from that, well, you will need people to implement your plan. Because it is people who act.  No matter if your needs are strength, speed, or to breathe underwater, the small business owner should assemble a cadre of superheroes to provide resources in key areas.  

Perhaps your organization already has a lair full of superheroes, but perhaps you will have to assemble some new teammates. Perhaps you will discover that it is in your best interest to outsource some of the people and processes to outside parties. After all, not everyone lives in Gotham.  

 This is where the power of the business consultant comes into play.  Get Your FREE Business Review

What is a business consultant?

A business consultant helps organizations improve their overall performance and efficiency. Business consultants analyze business and offer strategies and solutions to help organizations relieve pain points and meet goals.  In essence, because they can come in from the outside, flying above the day-to-day minutia that often stands in the way with large goal setting, they are able to see things from a different angle. British economist, John Maynard Keyes, wrote, “The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones.” And often, a new vision is just what saves the day. 

Business consultants also have the power to fill in expertise gaps that may occur in the C-Suite of an organization. You may be the subject matter expert in financial services but need help figuring out how to handle internal communications. You may be an IT wizard, but not know the first thing about sales. You might be Matlock in your seersucker suit and a rising star in the legal world, but still need some help with your email marketing. After all, the Avengers assemble for a reason, because sometimes you need Hulk to smash and sometimes you need Hawkeye to hit the mark cleanly.  

Why hire a business consultant?

Now, if it were up to this author, I would hire a superhero for the flashy costume.  And probably to clean my house. But your pain points are probably a little more…professional. Organizations hire business consultants to get out of their own way, to get unstuck, grow, and evolve.  

Business consultants help organizations: 

  • Identify pain points 
  • Provide expertise on specific markets 
  • Initiate change 
  • Provide objectivity 
  • Teach and train employees 
  • Do the dirty work (eliminate unnecessary staff) 
  • Revive an organization 
  • Create a new business, product, or service 
  • Influence people 
  • Supplement existing staff 

Consultants are able to breathe fresh air into an organization and identify where change is needed. Devoid of corporate political agendas, they can discover and evaluate an organization with objectivity. This gives them the ability to see problems that management and ownership may not see. These “problems” can be opportunities where the business can evolve to grow the business, increase profits, and boost efficiency. They offer tangible value through strategies, plans, and solutions. Similar to doctors, business consultants are able to diagnose a business ailment and provide a prescription for the cure. Cs of Business ConsultingGet your FREE website audit!

What makes a good consultant?

When it comes to superheroes, you have several types. Some are born to greatness—Thor, Wonder Woman, and Superman. Some achieve greatness—Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Black Widow.  And some, like Captain America, the Winter Soldier, and Spiderman, have greatness thrust upon them. Likewise, there are varying types of consultants. But similar to their epic battle fighting superhero counterparts, they all have consistent inner traits that empower them to do right.  Kate Bishop, Lady Hawkeye, said it best, “Being a hero isn’t just for people who can fly or shoot lasers out of their hands. It’s for anyone who is brave enough to do what’s right no matter the cost.” And in the business world? That is consultants.  

Good business consultants:

  • Enjoy problem solving 
  • Think creatively 
  • Have keen active listening and observational skills 
  • Communicate effectively 
  • Change management expertise 
  • Have great time management skills 
  • Are flexible 
  • Value teamwork 
  • Are client centric 
  • Demonstrate clear value 
  • Are objective, concise, and clear 

Simply put, business consultants worthy of the superhero calling have what MPWRSource calls the 5 Cs.  They are curious, creative, communicative, credible, and collaborative. 

Business consultants wield expertise in a variety of skillsets and can bring those gifts to your conference table to set you up for success. At MPWRSource, we have business consultants who are experts in strategy, management, data analysis, client success, sales, marketing, communications, content management, project management, operations, and IT. We also delight in partnering with other skilled superhero consultants because we believe in evolving together! 

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