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Not everyone can wield a shield or employ a golden lasso, but each superhero’s tools are unique to their strengths. Once MPWRSource creates your Action Plan and determines which processes will help deliver growth to your organization, the Squad will be able to advise what tools and technology will be needed.Get Your FREE Business Review

Before choosing the right technology, like software, you need to know your target market and choose the right channels and strategies for marketing your business. Additionally, you need a formal system for determining where your leads and customers come from. This empowers you to know what is working. You will also determine your budget. Ultimately, your business needs to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) before making a choice in technology or software. This will be outlined in your Growth Plan.

Tech to support your strategy

Technology does not fix your business and it certainly does not fix your marketing or growth woes. However, technology can provide tools that will help you implement your strategic growth plan. But technology cannot determine what your business is nor the direction in which it should go. Spiderman, even without the suit, is Spiderman. And Tony Stark? Well, he says it best, “You can take away my house, all my tricks and toys. But one thing you can’t take away? I am Iron Man.”

What are your business's long-term goals?

Before purchasing technology, you need to keep in mind your future goals. Just because you don’t need certain technologies today, that does not mean that you won’t need them tomorrow. It is usually more cost effective to find a single platform or technology that has all the features you need for today…and tomorrow. You must be prepared for your company’s evolution.

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Compose a list of things you need versus want, the “nice to have.” For example, you may find that you need marketing automation to track and personalize your leads, but you think it might be nice to have a chat bot available to speak to leads on your website. Evaluate where you are right now in your business to determine if a chat bot makes sense for your business. However, even if it doesn’t make sense today, you may want to make sure it can be implemented relatively easily in the future.

Do you have the money to spend on technology right now? If not, when will you? Not everyone is Batman (whose real superpower is that he is super rich). That said, don’t just go for the cheapest technology, because if it does not offer everything you need in a few months or a year, it becomes expensive to transition to a different technology. Also, remember that there is cost to set-up, integrate, and learn new technological tools. Make sure you include those pieces in your budget.

How will  technology help you implement your strategic growth plan? Technology should not dictate your growth plan. Technology should only help you implement your Growth Plan. It should propel you towards your goals whilst keeping in mind your mission, vision, and values.

If you are evaluating technology to help you implement your Growth Strategy and Plan, what is the ROI? Technology is an investment that helps your business gain ROI. If you do not implement technology with the idea that it needs to generate a ROI, it could deplete your resources.mpwr.INFO.benefitsofMSP.Feb2022 (1)

Before you consider any new technology, you must assess your growth strategy, plan, processes, and people. Technology needs to fit your organization, offer ROI, and assist you in the overall implementation of your growth strategies and objectives. Your technology strategy should be a part your overall strategy growth strategy. It is helpful to use an MSP that takes a consulting approach rather than one that operates in a “break and fix” fashion.

Technology consulting for better deployment

Roughly a third of all businesses have pivoted their technology focus to take advantage of new market opportunities. This requires seeing MSPs as a trusted partner to enable new technology strategies. MSPs can (and should!) offer far more than break and fix services, both strategically and in a consulting capacity. A consulting-led approach to IT services that goes beyond the software setup and IT security can truly help small businesses grow. An approach that establishes a relationship between an organization and the MSP is able to help with strategy first, and then develop processes and plans that can deliver those business outcomes. Organizations that consider their service providers to be an important part of their overall strategy are much more likely to find success.

Effective MSPs can ensure that priorities such as efficiency, scalability, and agility are addressed and can help organizations take advantage of new opportunities when they arise. MSPs acting as consultants can make insightful tech-based recommendations that lead to growth, client satisfaction, and an improved employee experience, which ultimately drives business profitability. Working with a trusted MSP versus simply employing one to “fix things” can help an organization manage the multiple vendors, creating efficiency. A wise MSP can consult and support an organization’s ability to grow, freeing up time and resources.

Using technology to bridge the gap between departments and align overall business priorities can reduce organizational silos and increase employee engagement and satisfaction. This also leads to greater customer satisfaction and a more profitable business. As security considerations increase, with 2021 having seen more cybersecurity risks than ever before, a smart MSP can mitigate bad outcomes and ensure that hybrid working models actually work. This gives employees greater flexibility and accessibility, better services through which to complete their tasks more efficiently and paves the way for greater diversity and inclusion.

The skills of a trusted MSP are invaluable to helping a small business grow, remain safe online, and provide value to their customer base, as well as reach new markets. A consulting approach to managed services is the correct approach for maximum benefits because it is not only about providing insights into how organizations can improve upon their IT infrastructure, but also a consulting MSP will listen and understand an organization’s business strategy and how best to deploy technology to meet those goals.

Tools in a business ecosystemmpwr.INFO.ecosystem.FEB2022 (2)

MPWRSource believes that working within an ecosystem of consultants who bring different tools to the table serves clients best. These consultants help an organization keep strategy ever at the forefront of all decisions, especially when it comes down to choosing tools. After all, it is Hawkeye and his skillset that makes the trick arrows hit their mark. This community of consultants can support one another and better help an organization meet all of its goals. As Tom McCall stated, “Heroes are not statues framed against a red sky. They are people who say: This is my community, and it is my responsibility to make it better.” Technology will inevitably change over the years, but a sense of community will live forever.

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